Subduction desk


Fixed part in sycamore. Drawers in solid sycamore, lacquered at the front.

Mobile part: Macassar ebony, rosewood, wenge, zebrawood, walnut, sycamore, padouk, oak veneer.

Storage boxes in MDF, veneered on the inside and lacquered on the outside.

Legs in lacquered steel.

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Artist: Paul Venaille

Paris, France

Independent designer Paul Venaille is fascinated by wood, and treats this noble element with his own hands. His art offers a global vision of design and aesthetics, which is apparent in his creations and manufacturing techniques. He is based in Pantin, near Paris. Read more about Paul Venaille.

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Subduction: The movement of one tectonic plate against another can cause a volcanic eruption.

This desk is inspired by the geological phenomena of subduction and its characteristics. It consists of two parts, one fixed and the other movable. The extreme of the tray can be tilted by means of a handle located under the desk. This innovative mechanism suggests a movement similar to that of subduction. This part of the tray opens to reveal a new storage area that consists of twelve colored and lacquered boxes.

Made by hand with 300 sheets of fifteen species of wood. The legs are a careful composition of metallic structure, and ensure the stability of the desk while giving it a delicate appearance.

Dimensions 30 x 51 x 26.7 in

Paul Venaille


brown, orange, red, yellow


steel, wood

Manufacturing time

45 days

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