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Yukata Blanc (XL)


Materials used: clay (sandstone), colored enamels, gilding.

Traditional Raku technique.

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Artist: Sophie Réato

Saint-Privat, France.

Sophie Réato is a contemporary ceramist who creates a dreamlike, almost malicious universe with her work. She works with raku, a Japanese earthenware, which is constantly moving, rotating and under construction. In her extraordinary garden there are many poetic decorative pieces: flowers, animals, giant fruits and kimonos with elegant patterns. Read more about Sophie Réato.

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These sculptures are inspired in the Yukata (summer kimono) and reveal ethnic and floral motifs.

Yukata Blanc seems to equally belong to the world of childhood as to a museum of antique collections. A game of scale and material between the sculpture and the traditional dress is in evidence, as well as the lightness of the wind that seems to inflate the clothing and the inert terracotta.

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Dimensions 5.1 x 22.8 x 22.8 in

Sophie Réato


clay, lacquer

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21 days

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